Nov 20

CentOS-powered VPS hosting plans at wholesale prices

Resellers Panel’s VPS hosting solution operates on premium quality CentOS-based VPS servers. Our fully featured CentOS VPS packages provide our clients using a separated and secure environment for their web applications. By buying a CentOS package at a wholesale price, you’ll have the opportunity to use the WHM web hosting management tool and easily become a VPS hosting reseller by creating smaller web hosting packages. Also, if you are a member of our Free Reseller Program you can resell CentOS packages without the need to buy them first.

Why a CentOS Web Hosting Service?

As an approved Linux server circulation, CentOS is a common choice for a web hosting server. Some of the main reasons for that is the huge supportive community, the responsive team of developers and the extensive software base. CentOS is also a leading backbone for the cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel and the WHM reseller hosting module. Another reseller web hosting option is the DirectAdmin Control Panel which is provided as a FREE grant some of our CentOS VPS plans, furnishing you full management over your web hosting server. As a web hosting server, CentOS runs the popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform which can be easily installed thanks to the Yum Package Manager. There are also many other applications which can be installed, featuring DNS server, PostgreSQL server and other services.

What is CentOS?

CentOS represents Community ENTerprise Operating System. It is a server distribution meant to get used in a production environment. Just Like Fedora Core, CentOs is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux derivative, “specialized” in providing all Red Hat’s server features except the costly, official assistance from the vendor. As a distro that may be run without any desktop-like graphical user interface, CentOS provides a robust and secure service. This Linux server distribution is created to operate without recurring reboots. Concentrated on server stability and security, CentOS is enhanced only when it really becomes a must, because the inclusion of even the easiest binaries might be quite unsafe for the server setup.

CentOS as a Virtualization Server

Providing support for the most recent virtualization technologies, CentOS is a great choice for operating a virtualization server. The current CentOS version offers support for Xen Hypervisor, KVM, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo and more.

Knowing the advantages offered by CentOS, we, at Resellers Panel, decided to start running a CentOS-based VPS hosting service. Powered by the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers operating system virtualization solution, our CentOS virtualization server provides enhanced server utilization as compared to other virtualization technologies like Xen Hypervisor. The greater usage of our existing servers means price benefits, which allow us to give our customers not only with low cost, but even with honestly cheap VPS hosting packages.

CentOS VPS Hosting

As we mentioned above, we are offering CentOS-based VPS hosting servers. But as an outstanding hosting platform, CentOS is suitable not only as a VPS hosting solution, but also as a virtual machine guest operating system. As a guest virtual machine, CentOS is the only Linux distribution offered by Resellers Panel that can utilize the cPanel/WHM reseller and webhosting management panel and the DirectAdmin Control Panel. Both management options are available for optional purchase and are established by our administrators.